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Riksaasen Dahl the second Church of Norway woman bishop

Laila Riksaasen Dahl (55) was September 20 appointed Bishop of Tunsberg diocese. She is the second woman bishop in the Church of Norway. There are eleven bishops in the Church of Norway and Rosemarie Köhn was the first woman to be appointed bishop in this church, in 1993.


December 1 Bishop Sigurd Osberg retires after twelve years as the bishop of Tunsberg. Appointed bishop Laila Riksaasen Dahl will be consecrated early 2003. She moves from Nittedal near Oslo, where she presently is a parish priest, to the city of Tønsberg in Vestfold county.

Laila Riksaasen Dahl is born in central Oslo. Since 1995 she has served as chaplain/parish priest in Nittedal. She has been a teacher in upper secondary public school, a catechist in the parish of Nittedal and a lecturer at the Norwegian Lutheran School of Theology. During the last 15 years she has been elected member of a number of national church committees and councils. She has been the clerical member of Borg diocesan council 1998-2002 and was elected to represent the diocese in the National Council of the Church of Norway for that period.

Riksaasen Dahl is known as an author and writer focusing on encouraging pastors in their preparation of sermons. Since 1993 she has presented her thoughts on the coming sunday`s sermons in the daily Christian newspaper Vårt Land.

- I want to facilitate encounters with Christ so that people may find a living hope in their lives. God sent people who led me to my Saviour. I want to be such a person to others. It is my hope that the Church can be more successful in bringing people`s hidden belief to the open and in giving all our baptised members confidence that the local church is their church, says Laila Riksaasen Dahl.

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