We want to get to know conditions worthy of criticism in the Church of Norway. You can report here if you have seen or experienced anyting worthy of criticism here.

Kirkens mønster med mange små elementer som kors, hjerte, vanndråpe med mer.

Welcome to the Church of Norway's Whistleblowing portal

We want to get to know conditions worthy of criticism in the Church of Norway.

We are grateful if you want to speak out about conditions worthy of criticism. We want to handle the matter in a proper way, so that we avoid similar situations in the future.

What is worthy of criticism?

By conditions worthy of criticism is meant:

  • Violation of laws and regulations
  • Violation of the church's ethical guidelines
  • Violation of ethical norms that are broadly rooted in the business

Examples of conditions worthy of criticism can be economic crime, environmental crime, breaches of health, safety and environmental regulations, harassment and conditions that pose a danger to life and health.

When you notify, the notification will go to one caseworker in your diocese. You can easily choose who shall receive the notification in the notification form.

Both employees, volunteeres, visitors and other can whistleblow

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