Welcome to Oslo Cathedral

The Cathedral is open every day: Saturday - Thursday from 10 am - 4 pm. On Friday the opening hours are 4 pm - midnight.

Welcome to Oslo Cathedral

Members of all churches and denominations are welcome to join us for the celebration of the Eucharist (Holy Communion / The Lords Supper).

As you enter then Cathedral a guide book is avaliable in English, German and French.

Oslo Cathedral is a lutheran church within The Church of Norway.

Høymesse  High mass Sundays
Flerspråklig messe  Mass with readings in English and other languages
Orgelresitasjon  Organ recital
Konsert  Concert
Åpen kirke  Church open

See: The Order of Service in Oslo Cathedral.

Oslo Cathedral is a church for the Norwegian nation and for the city of Oslo. The church is situated in the city centre and is the seat of the Bishop of Oslo.

Oslo Cathedral has been the setting for several royal weddings since Norway gained independence in 1905. The cathedral is the church for the parliament and the royal family, but first and foremost, it is an open church for everyone who seeks it.

The life of the cathedral is both busy and quiet. Every day a priest or a deacon leads a worship service in the cathedral. The organists regularly give recitals in the church, and you might also hear one of the cathedral’s choirs rehearsing. We strive to keep the cathedral a welcoming place for visitors from near and far. We offer you a place where you can come as you are, and let your thoughts be carried and lifted up in prayer, either in silence or through music.

Blaise Pascal once wrote: “All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” A church is not like any other building. People have visited Oslo Cathedral since 1697, in joy and sorrow. People have come to the cathedral to seek the depths of their soul, and the high and holy. While you may not be entirely alone in the church, you are invited to sit down in a quiet place at the heart of Oslo.

As you come inside, you will perhaps notice how the light gives life to the stained glass windows. As the stained glass is animated through the light, it is our hope that the art in the church can bring light, solace, inspiration, and reflect God’s glory. We hope that you may find peace and renewed strength for your life through a visit to the cathedral.

The church is open every day, and every Friday night. You are welcome to participate in worship and prayer, light a candle, marvel at the ceiling, attend a concert, or just sit still in silence.


Monday: Midday prayer at 12 pm
Tuesday: Midday prayer at 12 pm
Wednesday: Sevice with organ recital and communion 12 pm
Thursday: Midday service with communion at 12 pm
Friday: Service with organ recital and communion 5 pm
Sunday: High mass 11 am


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